Anniversary Gift Guide

Did you know that we celebrate National Weddings Month in February? As the most romantic month of the year, February is dedicated to celebration of the beauty of unconditional love and the excitement of marriage and wedding parties. Apart from the summer months (of course), February is quite a popular month to get married, especially on Valentine’s Day. This is why we want to share an anniversary gift guide with you.

Every wedding anniversary is a milestone that deserves celebration. And each year has it’s very own traditional gemstone to mark the occasion. We’ve rounded up a list of rings for a perfect gift on your anniversary.

For your 1st anniversary it should be something gold. Although not a gem, gold symbolizes the first year together as a shining time in a couple’s lives.

Gold Rose Shaped Ring

For your 2nd anniversary you should pick a ring with a stunning Garnet stone.
Zara Kite Red Garnet Ring

The 3rd wedding anniversary is supposed to be celebrated with spectacular Pearls.
Pearl Ring Set

Blue Topaz is associated with love and affection, both of which there should be plenty on your 4th wedding anniversary.
Eden London Blue Topaz With Pave Diamonds

Hard and durable Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that perfectly highlights the achievement of 5 years of marriage.
Gabriella Teal Sapphire Ring

The 6th anniversary is supposed to be celebrated with the beautiful Amethyst stone.
Marquise-Cut Amethyst Crown Ring

10 years is quite a milestone and needs a proper celebration. Mark the 10th anniversary by gifting your loved one the king of all gems, a Diamond.
Oval Diamond Ring With Sparkling Halo Diamond Crown

We hope our anniversary gift guide will help you out. If you are celebrating 11 years or more and you're not sure what gemstone to pick, don't worry. We are here to help you! Just drop us an email and together we will find the perfect gift for your loved one.

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