Cocktail rings are making a comeback!

We all can’t wait for happy hour during the week, but we are always pretty excited for Friday night cocktail parties, where we can take the stress off and put a gorgeous pair of heels and a dress on and hit the bar with our friends. What goes best with a daiquiri cocktail? Well a nice, sparkly ring is one way to amp your game.

Cocktail rings have been largely popular in the 1930s, the time when the term Cocktail rings was formed, as this was the era when fine gemstone jewelry was worn on special occasions, like cocktail parties. Women would wear little black dresses and add jewelry as the finishing touch, usually a gemstone ring with emerald or ruby would be the choice to go with.
Bellow we share a couple of our rings that can easily match to your favourite Friday night drink.

Also known as ‘The Red Martini’ is an iconic Italian cocktail mainly served as an aperativo, those who love it are most likely to be witty, have a thing about books and travelling and appreciate the finer things in life. Goes well with our bestseller Flame ring set.

Flame Ring set with Oregon Sunstone and red and orange sapphires

We can almost call it a classic girls night drink, but hey, we can’t help it - margarita lovers are usually people who are fun to be around with and will always know which spot to hit next. We’ll take two and raise you a breathtaking moonstone ring.

Blue moonstone & halo diamond ring

"If you like Pina Colada and getting caught in the rain..." If there is cocktail involved, we don’t mind the weather. Actually a Pina Colada will light up anyones' day, just as this little colourful tourmaline.

Bi color tourmaline ring

If your favourite drink is Bellini, you are most likely to be attracted to fine and delicate pieces. You have an eye for that special, unique design and love to treat yourself to it. What better way to treat yourself and your Bellini to a great company, like this classical emerald gem.
0.4 Carat emerald ring

0.4 carat Emerald ring

You don’t have to be in Cuba to make yourself as comfortable as Hemingway did, all you need is Rum, Grapefruit juice, Maraschino and fresh lime juice. Oh, and our Pear Morganite ring to make it even more special.
Pear Morganite and Diamond Ring

Pear Morganite and Diamond Ring

For any design adjustments or if you would like to order a ring with a unique design that you like, please contact our designers and customer service team at and they will guide you through the process of ordering a custom ring specially for you!

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