How to Design a Personalized Mother’s Day Birthstone Ring

The Janice Oval Emerald Ring with Diamonds by Capucinne could make a great Mother’s Day Birthstone Ring

Mother’s Day is a time for showing thanks and affection to one of the most special women in our lives. And while any gift will likely be received graciously—moms are like that—some make more of an impression than others.

If you want to go above and beyond gift certificates and flowers and chocolates this year, you might just want to create her very own custom-designed Mother’s Day birthstone ring. Personalized Mother’s Day rings strike the perfect balance of elegance and thoughtfulness, and are sure to wow.

At Capucinne, we offer a guided Custom Ring Creation process. This no-hassle process lets you bring your vision for the perfect ring to life with the help of our team of artists, who will guide you through the customization process with drawings, 3D models and advice.

Let’s take a look at how to design some truly special personalized birthstone rings for Mom.

Step 1: Pick Out the Ring Type

A Mother’s Day birthstone ring begins with choosing what type of ring you want to build.

  • A solitaire ring, featuring one extraordinary gemstone, is an attention-grabbing piece that will make folks say, “Wow!” For personalized Mother’s Day rings that Mom can show off to everyone, a solitaire is a great choice.
  • A halo ring features one large gemstone surrounded by a halo of tiny gems. The halo gems are usually white diamonds, but that’s up to you! Halo rings have a lot of sparkle to them, and can often be less expensive than a solitaire ring due to the smaller central stone.
  • A cluster ring has one (or sometimes more) central gemstones flanked on one or both sides by “clusters” of smaller gems. Unlike the tiny gems of a halo ring, these smaller gems are big enough to stand out on their own. Cluster rings offer a lot of visual variety and can be the perfect Mother’s Day birthstone ring for moms who like more elaborate designs.

Step 2: Choose a Gemstone that Resonates with Her Life Story

Personalized birthstone rings for Mom give you a lot of choices in terms of which stone(s) to pick:

  • Your mom’s own birthstone can be any of the several birthstones associated with a given month. Most months have at least two birthstones commonly associated with them, and some months have up to five! Is there a particular birthstone of hers that she likes the most?
  • The family birthstones of you and your siblings, or your mom’s grandkids, also make for a resonant ring design with lots of personal meaning. This can be a great choice for a cluster ring design. Would your mom enjoy a personalized Mother’s Day ring with her children’s or grandchildren’s birthstones in it?
  • Your mom’s favorite gemstone(s) are another choice worth considering. Who says that a Mother’s Day birthstone ring needs to be tied down to being an actual birthstone? If she loves emeralds, a glittering emerald ring might be just perfect!

Step 3: Choose the Band Design

The band of your Mother’s Day birthstone ring also comes with many design options. A full-eternity ring features small diamonds all the way around the band, while a half-eternity ring only goes halfway and is a little more comfortable to wear.

We offer many band design options at Capucinne, and many materials, including:

  • Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold
  • 14k or 18k gold
  • Platinum

Step 4: Personalize Your Ring Design

Now it’s time to get down to business! Your personalized Mother’s Day ring can be anything you want it to be! Many customers who order custom rings with us like to start by exploring our ring collections for inspiration. We are an independent jewelry studio, and our artisans design our rings to be truly unique and exciting. If you see an existing ring design of ours that you like, and want to make alterations to it, we would be happy to do so!

You can also start designing a ring from scratch. If you have specific ideas in mind for the most perfectly personalized birthstone rings for Mom, share them with us and we will bring your design to life.

And there you go! You’re on your way to creating a truly thoughtful Mother’s Day birthstone ring. Have any questions? Ready to get started? Contact us to talk about your special ring ideas.

And Happy Mother’s Day!

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