May's Birthstone - Emerald

Oh May, the month when everything is blooming and you can truly feel the spring vibes just at the right pace. It is no wonder that Emerald was chosen as May’s birthstone as it best fits the nature at that time - full of life and freshness, abundance of green and florals.
Emeralds are considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love and are believed to bring good fortune and youth to the owner.
Brina emerald engagement ring

Brina Emerald Engagement Ring

The color of Emeralds can range from light green to deep, rich green, but the true cloor of an emerald presents itself best when it is cut perfectly by a skilled gemologist. To get that perfect shade and sparkle the emeralds are usually cut in a emerald shape. The deeper or more green an emerald, the more valuable it is. The rarest emeralds will appear to be an intense green-blue color.

Stella Emerald Oval Engagement Ring

Stella 2ct Emerald Oval Engagement Ring

Although the work Emerald derives from a greek word ’Smaragdus’ which means green in Greek, the emerald was found as a valuable gemstone in Ancient Egypt even long before 330 BC. The most famous historical figure to appreciate emeralds was definitely Cleopatra. The story of the Cleopatra Emerald goes that she found the emerald and split it down the middle and gave half of it to Marc Antony.Then he went off to battle the Romans and died, while Cleopatra kept the other half and also died. The emerald was a symbol that they will meet after death and continue to live another life.

Silvia emerald and black diamond cluster ring

Silvia Emerald and Black Diamond Cluster Ring

Emeralds are a symbol of loyalty, new beginning and peace and are often worn as big statement pieces by celebrities at various red carpet or gala events. But this shouldn’t be the reason to say that emeralds are only to be worn as flamboyant pieces - an emerald, no matter the size, can always be made in a delicate and simple piece perfect for everyday wear.

Lena emerald cluster ring

Lena Emerald Cluster Ring

Don’t forget that here at Capucinne, we pride ourselves in creating one of a kind custom rings, so if you happen to have an idea you would like to see come to life, we are more than happy to create something special for you!

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