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We are so happy to be featuring this lovely couple and their unique engagement story. In true military fashion, this engagement is like something from a movie!


"My husband Evan and I were at a mutual friends birthday party on May 5th, 2018 in Colorado Springs. I had just moved to Colorado from New York the month before. Evan overheard me telling someone about my recent move and chimed in with “hey, I’m from NY too.” We started chatting and immediately hit it off. I was a bit hesitant to give him my number because I had just moved to town and didn’t want to get too serious with anyone just yet. But I could not ignore the magnetic feeling. The next morning I did a spartan race with a friend of mine and couldn’t stop talking about how “I met my future husband last night.” After the race I had a message from Evan checking in and asking me out that evening. The conversation over drinks just flowed. We were so much on the same page it shocked us both. There was no going back, and we didn’t want to. Two weeks later we moved in together and we were talking about marriage. Meeting Evan made me understand and believe in the old saying “when you know, you know.” We just knew!"

A lovely couple on their engagement day


"Our engagement was unique and so fitting for us. Evan was getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan in just a few weeks so we took a little trip to boulder together. He had been pushing me to go on a hike but it was cold and snowy and I wasn’t in the mood (ruining his big plans for our engagement). After spending the day watching movies and trying to eat up our last few relaxing moments together before he left, he told me he had a gift for me (This sweet man was just as awkward as I would have been). I thought for sure it would be a pillow case with his face on it or something, but it was the most beautiful piece of jewelry I had ever seen. It was my engagement ring... AND wedding bands. Yes, all three at once (lol). He began telling me how much I meant to him and how he couldn’t leave without showing his commitment to me, etc... honestly, I think I blacked out! He never actually asked me to marry him! (Something I still tease him about) For us, this was perfect. He never had to ask. We knew from the moment we met we would end up here. We eloped a week later and he was off to Afghanistan...(in true military fashion). After many months away, he was back and we had the most perfect wedding weekend. (Loved him so much I married him twice!)

A lovely couple kissing each other on thier engagement day

I have to brag about my husbands taste because this moss agate ring is one of my most prized possessions, and the type of stone has a lot of meaning behind it. Not only was it the perfect ring for me, but when my husband graduated from West Point In 2008, he chose the same kind of stone for his class ring and a pendant for his mom. Moss agate has always meant a lot to Evan because it represented a new chapter for him.

Paola moss agate kite ring set

Now, my moss agate ring represents our new chapter together."

Evan proposed to Nicole with our unique Paola Moss agate kite ring set with matching bands featuring small Australian Opals. We wish a lifetime of happiness to this gorgeous couple!

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