Never-ending dinner

How we met

"We met in 2009 when I was managing a local nightclub and Eddie was working his second job as a security guard at a local pub. I would send him a text message to see if the pub was busy or not and he would come to the nightclub after he finished work. One day he invited himself to my house for dinner and he literally never left..." - Kerri-Ann explained.

The proposal story

"There was no proposal. We had always talked about getting married but I never wanted the large, over-the-top wedding and we never found a common ground on wedding size. Then in the middle of 2020, we decided to book a holiday to Broome, Western Australia. Once that was booked, I said to Eddie "Hey, should we get married while we are in Broome!?" And he agreed
We then kept it a secret, only inviting our parents and siblings to join us on the holiday/wedding trip. So we had a small, intimate, barefoot wedding on the red beach sand."

Congratulations to Kerri-Ann & Eddie. We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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