The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Personalized Jewelry for Her

Fine jewelry always makes an impressive gift, but personalized jewelry is something truly special.

To help with your holiday shopping, here are seven of our top suggestions for personalized jewelry for her. The thoughtfulness and beauty behind each of these fine jewelry gift ideas are guaranteed to impress and convey the love and devotion you have for the giftee.

1. Nicola Blue Sapphire with Diamond Clusters Engagement Ring

The Nicola Ring features a blue sapphire with diamond clusters

Incredible! The Nicola Ring is one of our most lavish pieces. This ring is designed to be stunning, making it one of our bestsellers and a popular starting point for customizations. It speaks for itself!

2. Pear Moss Agate Ring Set

 A delicate Pear Moss Agate Ring Set with diamonds

Enchanting and delicate, the Pear Moss Agate Ring Set comes with a main moss agate ring with a diamond halo and a matching curved diamond band. This set of personalized jewelry for her can be an engagement ring and wedding ring: one fancy and splashy, the other more subdued for everyday wear.

3. Regina Ruby Engagement Ring Set

The Regina Ring Set with a marquise-cut ruby, plus black and white diamonds

A ring fit for a queen! Royal and exotic, the Regina Ring Set is a matching set of two rings. The main ring features a marquise ruby with a crown of black and white diamonds, while the matching V-band ring features a single, elegant white diamond at the vertex. One of our most majestic jewelry gift ideas!

4. Dawn Moss Agate Engagement Ring Set

The Dawn Moss Agate Ring Set with diamond clusters and matching band

Perfect for nature lovers! The Dawn Ring Set is a set of personalized jewelry for her that brings together the feeling of nature with the elegance of artisanal craftsmanship. The main ring features a large moss agate, accented with white diamond clusters. The band has a stylish, modern look that blends harmoniously with the idyllic, forested vibes of the lush moss agate gemstone. The second ring is a simple V-band suited for everyday wear.

5. “Actual Fingerprint” Engraved Fine Jewelry Necklace

The Actual Fingerprint Necklace engraved with a fingerprint

The Actual Fingerprint necklace is one of our most personal holiday jewelry gift ideas. You supply us with a fingerprint, and we’ll engrave it into the precious metal of your choice. Immortalize your bond with this touching personalized jewelry for her.

6. Pear-Cut Alexandrite Ring Set with Moss Accents & Matching V-Band with Diamonds

An alexandrite ring set with moss agate and matching diamond ring

This Alexandrite Ring Set is a piece of personalized jewelry for her with a great sense of style and affordability. The main ring features a conflict-free, lab-grown alexandrite gemstone with moss agate accents. The second ring is a matching V-band with three elegant diamonds at the vertex. If you’re searching for wedding engagement jewelry gift ideas, this is a great way to put some fireworks into your holiday season proposal!

7. Lena Triangle Emerald Ring with Diamond Cluster

 Asymmetrical Lena Emerald Ring with triangle-cut emerald and diamond cluster

An emerald masterpiece! Last but not least on our list of personalized jewelry for her this holiday season, the Lena Ring features a stunning triangle-cut emerald that makes a strong statement. It is complemented by a cluster of white diamonds. Together, these gemstones create an artistic and compelling asymmetric look. This ring is one of our boldest fine jewelry gift ideas for the holidays!

For a Truly Memorable Holiday Celebration

At Capucinne, creative customization is our business. Most of our pieces are made to order, and every item is handcrafted and unique. When you order a custom piece from us, you’re not just getting thoughtfully sourced gemstones and handcrafted artisanship: you’re also putting your imagination into it!

Give her the gift that says what’s in your heart with personalized jewelry for her from Capucinne!

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