Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner and it's time to start planning how you will celebrate this years Valentine's Day and about time to pick a truly special gift! It’s already a bit too late to order a custom made ring, but we’ve got you covered. To help you out we’ve rounded up a list of the perfect jewelry gifts that she will adore!

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Moss Agate Rings

Who should wear Moss Agate rings?

  • They are a beautiful fit for nature lovers and conservationists.
  • Because of their connection with nature and renewal, they’re also ideal for marking new chapters.
  • Moss Agate engagement rings are a popular choice because they are visually powerful and rich with metaphors.
Geometric Moss Agate Diamond Ring

Alexandrite Rings

Who should wear Alexandrite rings?

  • They are a beautiful fit for someone who loves unique and special pieces.
  • They can be worn as a good luck charm as it is believed that it brings luck and good fortune as well as balance between the physical and spiritual world for the wearer.
  • Because of its magical coloring it is a genuinely eye-catching gemstone and as such perfect for someone who loves to stand out.
Pear Alexandrite Diamond Ring Set

Tourmaline Rings

Who should wear Tourmaline rings?

  • Is she a lover of color? Then she will love Tourmaline.
  • Tourmalines are ideal for those interested in spirituality, as this gemstone is said to possess soothing and calming properties.
  • It is a great choice if you wish to break away from the traditional Diamond ring as Tourmaline engagement rings are becoming an increasingly popular alternative.
Sierra Tourmaline Ring

Morganite Rings

Who should wear Morganite rings?

  • Perfect feminine ring for a romantic and innocent soul.
  • Morganite is connected to the heart chakra and as such a perfect pick if you are looking to bring the love with your significant other to a higher and deeper level.
  • Our Morganite stones are in perfect pastel color that match any skin tone.
Pear Morganite and Diamond Ring

Emerald Rings

Who should wear Emerald rings?

  • Emerald is the perfect stone for wanderers at heart, explorers and the ones interested in the inner world and meditation.
  • A perfect stone to mark new beginnings and promise faithful love to your partner.
  • It is a great choice if she likes to keep it simple and elegant.
Pearl Emerald Ring

Ruby Rings

Who should wear Ruby rings?

  • The Ruby gemstone with its deep red color is the most often gemstone placed in jewelry that is gifted for Valentine's Day.
  • A perfect protective stone that promotes spiritual wellbeing as well as blocking negative energies from the wearer.
  • It is a great choice for more creative persons who like to stand out.
Ruby Ring Set

Check out our favorite picks for Valentine’s Day and surprise your partner with a truly special gift this year!

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