April's Fools

This engagement is no joke, even though it happened on April 1st! We are excited to share the story of this lovely couple. Read below for a full dose of excitement.

How we met

"Chris and I met online in 2015. We had both recently gotten out of long term relationships and we were in no way looking for another, but the chemistry was undeniable from the moment we met.

How we met

We had the most perfect first date either of us had been on and he thought I would contact him the next day to schedule another date. I did not call or text him so he was forced to cave and be the first to make contact. It felt like we had known each other for years and we quickly started seeing each other everyday, and made it official right before our first trip together to Puerto Rico, where he would meet my family for the first time. (They loved him instantly, of course.) Since then, we have been inseparable and cannot wait for the next chapter in the rest of our lives together."

How the proposal went

The proposal was beyond my wildest dreams! We planned a last minute trip to Hawaii and of course everyone kept saying: “I bet he has a ring!!”. I started to get annoyed because I thought “Chris is such a procrastinator that he would never be able to get a ring on such short notice.” Little did I know that he had the ring for a year by the time we planned this Hawaii trip and I even picked it out way back then while we were browsing through Capucinne’s IG! Naturally, I had already forgotten about that so I had no idea what was coming.

couple proposing with capucinne ring

The day of the proposal, he told me we had a fancy dinner reservation and I should dress nice. I always ask for his opinion when getting ready so it was pretty easy for him to prep me for the occasion. On the way to dinner, Chris says we should stop at a lookout to take pictures, pulls out some sandals, and says “put these on cause your feet may get wet”. There I was thinking “where are we going, aren’t we going to be late for dinner?”. Once we got there, I did as he asked and he grabbed my hand as we started walking towards the lookout. It took about 8 minutes to walk there and I was trying to figure out where we were going the entire time. Once we arrived, he was shocked to see people there waiting to take their pictures since this was known to be a secluded area. We decided to wait until everyone was done to take our pictures and we set up the GoPro while we were waiting. There was a couple there that offered to take our picture (I later discovered that they were our photographers) and, by the third pose, I turn around and Chris is down on one knee!! He kept reminding me it was April Fool’s Day so for a split second I thought it was a bad joke until I looked down and saw the beautiful ring! Chris started saying cute things and then goes: “so what do you say?”. To which I said: “you did not ask, but OF COURSE!” We were both shaking and he was so nervous he forgot to even ask! It was adorable.

the proposal ring

He had a romantic playlist playing and then we had the most amazing engagement shoot right after with the most beautiful scenery. It was pure bliss and still feels like a dream.

engagement shoot