Love is love is love

Sometimes the one you've waiting for comes by when you least expect it and in a place you'd never think of. That's just proves that love always finds a way.
How they met
Sal and Lena were introduced by a mutual friend on Halloween in 2018. Sal was captivated by Lena’s presence and calming energy, while Lena’s heart was taken by Sal’s curiosity and confidence.
love is love is love
Sal is a wild child adventure junkie, podcast host, and a coming out coach. Lena is a holistic nutritionist, energy healer, & yoga teacher. Both of them were previously married to men for fourteen years. Sal was raised in a traditional Mormon family and Lena joined the LDS church at BYU in Provo, Utah. Neither one of them were ever allowed to explore their sexuality in the context of Mormonism. They were naive mom friends that accidentally fell in love, not knowing they were lesbians!
the proposal story
The proposal story
Lena proposed to Sal in Ohai under a gorgeous tree while they were camping. Sal had no clue and was in total and utter shock. She could not believe Lena pulled it all off without any clues. Then, a few months later, out of no where, Sal proposed to Lena on a beautiful cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset! Both of the engagements were pure magic!
sal and lena
What a story huh? At Capucinne we belive love is love. And to be a part of Sal and Lena's love story we consider it to be privilege. To a lifetime of happiness!