The Covid Engagement

A year ago no one had expected what now seems the new normal. Covid hit and everyone had to adjust to the new situation facing the world. So did Katie and Austin...

How Katie and Austin met and how they proposed

Our meeting and proposal story aren't very fancy! We met on an online dating app! The proposal was very simple too. We were on vacation at our favorite beach, relaxing in our vacation rental when he popped the question on the couch! I also knew he wanted to propose and he asked me what ring I wanted and I already had this one at the top of my wish list!

the covid engagement

The engagement photos were a lot of fun. When we got engaged, we had no idea just how different the world would be while trying to plan a wedding. Our photos had to be delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions and other plans are having to be changed to keep our guests safe. Instead of being sad about it, we decided to take out our frustration in a very "us" way by making a papier-mache COVID-19 molecule and then destroying it in an epic fashion once we could have engagement photos taken safely. Our photographer totally embraced our idea and we think they turned out wonderful. We can't wait for an equally fun wedding day despite whatever the world throws at us!

So while our first time meeting and the proposal were very simple, we plan to have a wedding that is anything but!
Custom Sapphire Ring
What we love about Katie and Austin is their positive outlook on life and the whole situation with Covid. It goes to show no virus can stop love. Austin proposed Katie with a custom sapphire cluster ring.