Art deco - the luxurious style that oozes elegance

If you are drawn to simple but elegant shapes and have found yourself marvelling the beautiful buildings and skyscrapers in big cities across the globe like New York, Paris and London, there is a big chance you have met with Art deco - a 1920s style that introduced luxurious materials in combination with textures creating simple, geometrical shapes.
Here at Capucinne our inspiration for creating Art deco rings comes from the shapes and buildings around us and from our travels. Artdeco engagement ring is a perfect choice for all lovers of geometrical and exuberant yet classy styles.
With custom cut gemstones like hexagon sapphires and moss agates, our master jewellers handcraft unique engagement rings that are truly works of art you will come to love and hand over to future generations as modern heirlooms.
Bellow we are showcasing some of our best modern engagement rings inspired by the Art deco style.

Selena ring

Selena blue sapphire ring

Looking something special for an avid Art Deco lover? Our Selena ring oozes a modern take on Art Deco with a hexagon 1.2ct blue sapphire with triangle side diamonds.

Luisa ring

Luisa ring

Inspired by the combination of modern style and luxurious materials our Luisa ring is elegant, classy and with a lavender baguette sapphire in emerald cut and sparkly diamonds, it is just the right amount of exuberance for a special lady.

Olivia ring

olivia art deco diamond ring

This simple, yet classy Art Deco Diamond ring, features baguette diamonds lined up together for the perfect touch of sophistication. A go to choice for lovers of simple, clean and minimalist shapes.

Dita ring

Dita gemstone ring

A true statement piece, our wonderful Dita ring is a unique piece that can be re-created in any gemstone you would like and even more, it can be custom cut - making it truly one of a kind for a special lady on her wedding day, anniversary or the day she is presented with this engagement ring.

Dolores ring

Dolores sapphire ring

If you have to choose one ring to fantasize about, let us suggest our Dolores ring - with 2ct teal sapphire in radiant cut we are sure, this will be a fantasy you wouldn’t mind making a reality.

Agatha ring

Agatha ring with custom cut baguette moss gemstones

A stunning, art deco inspired moss agate ring for all loving the nature inspired jewelry trend. Our Agatha ring with custom cut baguette moss gemstones is literally nature captured in a ring. Magical to say the least!

If you are looking for a custom engagement ring we here at Capucinne are more than happy to transform your ideas into reality! Unique engagement rings, all handmade in Slovenia, crafted specially for you - timeless pieces you can hand down as future heirlooms. Contact us at to get started on your very own Capucinne ring!

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