Celebrating World Parents Day with our founder Maja

To celebrate World Parents day, we sat down with our founder and lead designer, Maya to ask her what parenthood means to her and how in this day and age she manages to juggle work and raising her two kids. as well as sharing her favourite pieces she would love to pass down as future heirlooms to her daughter.

When did you start Capucinne? Were you already a mom or was this something that you embarked on with a lot more time on your hands than mothers normally have?

Capucinne was actually the second step in my jewelry story. I started making jewelry when Stella (the younger child) was born, while I was on my maternity leave. I started, now our sister brand MinimalVS, back in 2013 selling handmade gold filled pieces, and that later grew into something much bigger once we introduced solid gold pieces. But yes, the start was not that easy, and I didn’t have all the time in the world as a young mom. If I wasn’t designing and making the pieces myself, I was breastfeeding or changing diapers. But the passion was always there, so this pushed me further in creating Capucinne.

Do you have the same values when it comes to running a business as you do to raising your children?

I think so. I think you can’t really be two different people when it comes to business and family. Some of the values I try to instil my children are to be decent human beings, to know that nothing worth having comes easy and you have to give your best where you want to be the best but also that failure is a lesson learned, so you just have to get up, dust off your knees and reevaluate the situation. But with all of this, to also have fun, I think if there is no joy in what you are doing it will always show in either your work or personality.

Capucinne founder Kaja's family

How much are your children involved in the business? Are they showing interested in what mom and dad are doing?

I don’t want them to be involved in the business more than they are already. At least at this age (Patrik is 11, Stella 9). Since we do a lot of customisations and I am the lead designer of the brand, they already see mom working sometimes from home as inspiration is something that has no timing. I like to see them living their lives as kids and to have them enjoy their childhood with no obligations. But of course, they love it when we bring new gemstones from our trips, they like to look at them and Stella is a fan of jewelry already.

Capucinne Owner's girl wearing ring

How has being a mother of two influenced the way that you work and the relationship with your team?

I definitely have maternal instincts in the office, for sure! I want to know what each department is doing and if everything is going smoothly, I want my team to work as a family, helping each other when they need help.

Running a jewelry business can be stressful, how do you recharge?

I love climbing and hiking. It is the best way to let off the stress and I find so much peace when i am in nature. I love the seaside as well - the level of calmness is amazing.

Can you share a few of your favorite pieces you designed?

I love so many of our rings! I like to wear stackable rings for every day, and if I am looking to wear a statement piece I like something special like a moss agate ring. Lately I have been really diving into spirituality so I really love our Lakshmi ring set from our Zen collection.

Lakshmi Ring Set

Lakshmi Ring set

Capucinne is really a brand with so many gemstone rings, what is your favourite gemstone?

Definitely sapphire. We have a wide selection of sapphires, my favourite ones are teal ones, but some of the peach sapphires are spectacular as well.

Aretha Peach Sapphire ring

Aretha peach sapphire ring

Did your children inspire any of the pieces you made?

Both, Patrik and Stella inspire me when creating pieces. Maybe it is not shown directly in the design, but the process of designing is inspired as I think of each piece as a future heirloom for Stella and Patrik - if it is something that I would love to see passing it to Stella, then I know that that design is really special.

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