February's birthstone - Amethyst

February is the month when the weather can’t really decide whether it wants Winter or it really just wants to forget all about snow and ice. On the sparklier note, February is also the month of Amethyst - the violet version of quartz, and if you can't wait for the month to pass, our rings with this special gemstone will give you a second thought.

Simple amethyst ring set with diamonds

Simple Amethyst ring set with diamonds

Amethyst is known as a stone that protects and purifies the spirit, it is a cleaner of negative energies and shields you away from doubtful and hateful vibes.

Purple Amethyst Ring

Purple Amethyst ring with Tree-like prong setting

For those looking for peace and tranquility and are generally drawn to spirituality, wearing amethyst jewelry is the perfect way to remind yourself on the daily basis to calm yourself and take deep meditating breaths.

amethyst matching wedding ring

Amethyst matching wedding ring

Amethyst means ‘not intoxicated’ in Ancient Greek, mainly due to the its powers to prevent drunkenness and has since then been said to promote sobriety not just literally, but in a metaphorical sense of allowing a clearer thinking when one is clearly lost and is somewhat ‘drunk’ with their emotions or reason. Amethyst is the perfect gemstone to give you the ability of a clearer vision and focus on what you desire in life.

Beautiful and simple amethyst oval ring

Beautiful and simple amethyst oval ring

Whether you just found yourself in need for an Amethyst jewelry, we are sure we have a selection of rings and fine jewelry that will bring out the best in you. All of our designs can always be customized with an Amethyst stone or we can make something custom for you, so you can be sure to wear your own ‘crystal’ vision everyday, just email our specialists at info@capucinne.com

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