Garnet - The January Birthstone

Those who are born in January have one of the brightest birthstones assigned to their birth month, depicting their vibrant personalities. Garnets are associated with the colour red but it comes in many colours. They range from a deep red (called Pyrope) to a beautiful green (called Tsavorite).
Red heart shaped garnet & diamond halo necklace
Garnet symbolises eternal friendship and trust which is the perfect stone to give to a friend who has a birthday in January. It also symbolises physical love and the relationship between loving partners. It can be an alternative to rare and expensive Rubies.
January birthstone 14k gold ring
The garnet was a popular ornamental adornment among royalty and aristocrats. Even in medieval times, it was more than just a fashion statement and was considered as a talisman that protected its wearer against negative energy and is linked with the heart chakra. They have long been carried by travellers to protect against accidents far from home.
Red moon & black diamond ring
The garnet's name comes from the Latin word ”granatum”, which means pomegranate, a reference to its intense red colour that resembles the deep red seeds of the fruit. The Hindu word for garnet, however, translates directly into “serpent stone”, which shows that different cultures perceived the stone differently. Garnets have been found in countries situated in Africa, India, as well as Sri Lanka. These areas still remain important sources for these minerals today. Sources and evidence have shown that the garnet can be traced back to Egypt as far back as 3100 B.C. Egyptians used the garnets as inlay stones for jewellery and decorations. The garnet stone is also believed to be the stone of the guardian angel Gabriel who is a very important archangel figure in the Biblical scriptures.
Malaya garnet solitaire peach engagement ring
Garnets are best cleaned with warm water, detergent, and a soft brush. Although relatively hard and tough, garnets can be heat sensitive, which is why the exposure of the stone to extreme heat should be avoided. Assemble a custom cluster ring with the main garnet stone and different birthstones on each side and offer it as a birthday gift to someone special born in January. If you would like a personalized piece of birthstone jewellery, please contact us at

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