Get Inspired by Our 3 Favorite Christmas Engagement Rings

Imagine a Christmas Eve Scene…

It’s the holidays. You and your lover are enjoying a cozy evening on the sofa. The tinsel is hanging from the rafters. The Christmas presents are under the tree. The only light comes from the warm, crackling fire in the hearth. You’re sipping glasses of mulled wine, chatting about hopes and dreams.

You both stand up for a kiss under the mistletoe—but, before the kiss, you drop down to one knee, pull out the Christmas holiday engagement ring, and pop the big question they’ve been waiting to hear: Will you marry me?

Maybe a special moment like that is in your future, so let’s make that dream a little closer to reality today. Today on the Capucinne blog, let’s figure out the best Christmas engagement ring for a holiday proposal.

Customize Any Piece at Capucinne

Before we get into our holiday engagement ring recommendations, remember that you can customize your ring to your heart’s content. If you fancy a different gemstone, need some alterations to the design, or want to create a ring completely from scratch, we’re happy to do it. In fact, it’s our specialty.

1. Valentina Kite Moss Agate Ring Set

With its colors of red, white, green, and gold, the Valentina Ring Set by Capucinne makes the perfect Christmas engagement ring.

Our ValentinaChristmas engagement ring set is a miniature Christmas scene in itself. The set comes from our Moss Agate Rings Collection and consists of two stackable rings: a kite cut moss agate gold ring with a laurel wreath of red ruby clusters and a matching gold band with green sapphires and white diamonds.

  • Valentina features the four iconic Christmas colors: red, green, gold, and white.
  • Moss agate is beloved for its resemblance to scenes from nature and the forest.
  • The moss agate features a kite cut, making it look like a wintry Christmas tree.
  • The colorful accent gemstones and solid gold complete the enchanted scene.
  • The look of this “Christmas” engagement ring is subtle enough to be wearable at any time of the year.

This warm and festive holiday engagement ring set is perfect for capturing the memory of the night of the big proposal and makes for a stunning conversation piece at parties and get-togethers.

2. Triangle Sapphire Gold Ring

The Capucinne Triangle Sapphire Gold Ring makes a powerfully elegant, sleek, and simple holiday engagement ring.

This Triangle Sapphire Gold Ring, which comes from our Men’s Bands Collection, is made of solid 14k or 18k gold (your choice) and features a triangle cut blue sapphire at the center. While it might not look like a Christmas engagement ring at first blush, one of the most important lessons of Christmas is humbleness:

In the traditional story of the first Christmas, the Three Wise Men brought the infant Jesus gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold. Each of these gifts had a deeper meaning, with gold symbolizing kingship on Earth. It was quite a stark contrast to the humble setting of the manger.

Whether you take the Christmas story as literally true, or merely as a symbol of hopeful beginnings, gold in all of its elegant simplicity can be very powerful. Sometimes in jewelry, less is more, and we love this sleek, simple gold style as a holiday engagement ring.

Note: We can size this Christmas engagement ring (and virtually all of our rings) for men and women alike. Our “men’s” rings are a hit with women sometimes, and vice versa.

3. Lila Teal Blue Sapphire Cluster Ring

The Lila Teal Blue Sapphire Cluster Ring is a cornucopia of gemstones including sapphires, amethysts, and diamonds.

Our final Christmas engagement ring suggestion is the Lila Teal Blue Sapphire Cluster Ring. This exciting piece comes from our Cluster Rings Collection, and as you can see the clusters of amethysts, diamonds, and sapphires of different colors make the Lila Ring burst with energy and visual allure.

We think it makes a nice holiday engagement ring, not only because of its vivacity but because it looks a little bit like a great big pile of holiday presents wrapped up in ribbons and bows. What better way to symbolize a marriage proposal than as a gift—a gift the two of you will share together.

Merry Christmas, and Congratulations

We hope these Christmas engagement ring suggestions get your imagination fired up. Our rings ship free and fully insured anywhere in the world, so, wherever you are, we hope you’ll find the perfect ring.

If you are still deciding…

Contact us with questions or for advice.

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