Lace Matching Bands

Complement your engagement ring with one of our solid gold lace wedding bands, inspired by one of our country’s national symbols – Idrija Lace.
Diamond lace matching bands
The Slovenian town of Idrija has a more than 300-year-old tradition of handcrafting bobbin lace. At first, it was a product made of thick flax thread, intended mostly for the domestic market, but its beauty quickly won recognition in the markets of western and central Europe.
Tanzanite Solitaire with a matching lace ring
We incorporated these minimalist but detailed patterns into our designs and turned them into gold.
Rose cust diamond lace ring
Choose from our collection of intricate lace designs, and commemorate one of the most important days of your life. With just a few simple measurements of your engagement ring, we can make sure it fits perfectly, to which hundreds of satisfied customers can attest.
Emerald solitaire with a matching lace ring
In our collection, you can also find a number of diamond engagement rings with a matching lace band that is already included in the price.
Diamond ring set
For any design adjustments or if you would like to order a ring with a unique lace pattern that you like, please contact our designers and customer service team at and they will guide you through the process of ordering a custom matching wedding band.

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