Push present gift ideas

We think we all agree that women give us the greatest gift there is: life. By becoming a mom they take on a new role, that lasts a lifetime, is probably the hardest job they will ever have to do, but also the most rewarding one. They carry the love of their life for nine months, and when the big day comes, they push it through and perform the greatest miracle of them all.

That is why moms deserve the best and so we are very much supportive of the push present trend. Though there is no rule that jewellery is to be given as a push present, but we think no mom can say no to a beautiful set of earrings or a diamond ring.

We have gathered a selection of our pieces that make the perfect push presents.

Vintage inspired moissanite ring

For all vintage lovers this Moissanite ring is truly one of a kind and is the perfect future heirloom you will leave your children.

Oregon sunstone gold necklace

Oregon Sunstone Gold Necklace

Welcoming the sunshine in your life with a bit of style - what a nice gesture that would be.

Australian opal and diamond ring

Australian Opal and Diamond Ring

As magical as the main event in your life, this Australian Opal ring shines like there is no tomorrow.

Gold Initial necklace with gemstones

Gold Initial necklace with Gemstones

What better way to celebrate the birth of your baby than to gift your loved one with an initial of your baby's name along with the birthstones.

Wave eternity diamond ring

Wave Eternity Diamond Ring

A simple, yet modern take on a Eternity ring with diamonds. Never goes out of style and can easily be worn with other rings.

sapphire and diamonds cluster ring

Sapphire and Diamonds Cluster Ring

A stunning ring that will sparkle forever and ever as much as the love for your newborn.

If you have an idea of a custom ring, or necklace or any type of fine jewelry, we are more than happy to help with our expertise in crafting handmade custom pieces. Feel free to email us your ideas at info@capucinne.com to give the perfect gift.

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