Your Ultimate Wedding Ring Guide

Planning your special day? Then it’s about time to choose your wedding bands - ​​a traditional symbol of eternal love. You found the right person, now let’s find the right ring for you. Before you start looking for ring styles and gemstones, talk with your partner and decide on your budget and get your ring size right. Also, keep your engagement ring in mind while shopping for your wedding bands. Now you are ready to choose a style you’ll love forever.

There are many different shapes and styles. ​​Couples usually choose a fairly simple wedding band that nicely complements the engagement ring of the bride. But recently, couples have begun to personalize their wedding bands with different shapes, diamonds, gems, and even engravings. Couples can use their own style and taste to design a wedding ring that will be truly unique. Let’s have a look at some of our favorite wedding ring styles.

Unique Diamond Wedding Band

Sonia Rose Gold Eternity Diamond Ring


You could also choose from a variety of our coordinating rings to match your beautiful engagement ring. Our nesting bands curve, bend and hug your engagement ring, creating a fashionable stack.

Open Pear Cut Diamond Ring

Savannah Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Wish to have a matching band with your spouse? Choose one of our unisex bands or couple’s matching sets.

Noel Gold Wedding Ring Set

Diamond Unisex Band

Choose a ring that will be a perfect forever reminder of your special day and your love. If you wish to design a custom ring, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to design a perfect ring for you and your partner.

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